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Status Quo

Aquostic! Live At The Roundhouse (2LP)

Double LP $24.99

Release Date: 13/04/2015

Discs: 2

This landmark release, recorded in October 2014 in a joint effort by earMUSIC and the BBC, captures the band’s first ever live acoustic performance at the glorious Roundhouse in London. This sensational recording features the new pared-back side of Quo, as revealed on the hit 2014 album ‘Aquostic! (Stripped Bare)’.  This album soared to number 5 in the charts, giving the band their highest placing for 18 years, and has now been certified Gold. It was in fact the best-selling independent label album of 2014!

1. And It's Better Now (Live)
2. Break The Rules (Live)
3. Again And Again (Live)
4. Paper Plane (Live)
5. Mystery Sog/Little Lady (Live)
6. Rock'Nroll (Live)
7. Caroline (Live)
8. What You're Proposing (Live)
9. Softer Ride (Live)
10. Down Down (Live)
11. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Live)
12. Down The Dustpipe (Live)
13. All The Reasons (Live)
14. Reason For Living (Live)
15. Rollin' Home (Live)
16. Don't Drive My Car (Live)
17. Claudie (Live)
18. Rain (Live)
19. Marguerita Time (Live)
20. Nanana (Live)
21. Whatever You Want (Live)
22. Rockin' All Over The World (Live)
23. Rock' Till You Drop (Live)
24. Burning Bridges (Live)